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Learn about your business with digital analytics – New for GA4 Analytics.?

Learn about your business with Digital Analytics – New for GA4 Analytics.?

Digital analytics is the process of collecting, measuring, and analyzing data from digital sources. such as websites or mobile apps.
This data can be used to understand how users interact with your digital properties and to improve your marketing and business decisions. Learn More about Pay-per-click. 
Suppose you run a business that uses a website or mobile app. In that case, you may want to know things like how your users interact with your websites or apps,

The effectiveness of your marketing campaigns which content is the most helpful in achieving business goals, and how users find your website or app.

Digital Analytics Tools & Google Analytics Marketing Funnel

Here’s a simple marketing funnel that shows the different stages of a customer journey. Acquisition involves building awareness of your product or service and acquiring user interest.
Engagement is when your users interact with your business and Monetization is when a user becomes a customer and makes a purchase.

Digital analytics uses data to align this funnel with your business objectives. Acquisition, at the top of the funnel, is where you can see which marketing channels bring customers to your website or app.

Engagement, in the middle of the funnel, is where you can see what content users engage with and share with others.

Monetization and retention, at the bottom of the funnel, is where you can measure how many users become customers and how often they return to your website or app.

 Google Merchandise Store

These insights can help you optimize your brands’ performance and make informed decisions based on behavioral data.
The Google Merchandise Store is an online retail store that sells branded products like          T-shirts and coffee mugs.

E-commerce sites like these use analytics to gain insights into customer behavior on the website to see how users find
Google merchandise stores the products the users view and add to their shopping carts, which products users actually purchase, and how many they bought.

Google Analytics Flood-It

Another example is a mobile gaming app called Flood-it Analytics, which can show how users find the app and download it,
which screens within the app the user visits or gets stuck on, and how many users make purchases in the app.,

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